Office and Home Frameless Glass Partitions

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03 Jun 2023
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Specification of Office and Home Frameless Glass Partitions

Frameless glass partition is currently widely used as a room divider office. For using this type of glass partitions room will look more clean and elegant.

As the name implies is a frameless glazing system without using the framework. Glass only planted on the floor, walls and in concrete.

The use of this type of glass partition mostly for Partition Glass Office. But apart from being used in many offices are also used for room divider bank, shop and even for housing.

In accordance with Frameless Glass Partition function is actually more suited to meeting area.

It is important that we have to consider if you want to use this Frameless Glass Partition is in terms of safety. Because this type of glass partition is widely used for indoor public area, the factor of safety becomes the main thing that must be considered.

In this case as an example is the safety of some impact, safety and the strengthening of safety in life timenya.

Frameless glass partition, or often called partitions Glass office should be the main material should concern us is the type of glass used. Wear the type of tempered glass to make it safer to use to create partition Tempered Glass. These types of tempered glass has a resistance to impact several times more than ordinary glass.

Besides, in case of rupture the Tempered Glass Partition type is not harmful for people around him. Maybe some of you already know what kind of tempered glass.

For the uninitiated we explain that tempered glass is glass that is heated to very high temperatures and then cooled abruptly. Thus forming the glass tougher than regular glass.



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