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Frosted glass
Frosted glass
Frosted glass
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Frosted glass, is glass that are textured with a certain pattern on one side. In Asahimas product, type of glass is called Indofigur glass.

The glass is produced by means of the so-called roll-out process, in which molten glass raw Ahan is passed through a pair of rollers with one roller has a specific pattern, resulting in one of the glass surface to be printed pattern correspond to the pattern on the rollers.

Character types of glass, gives a decorative effect, lighting effects and shadowing effects of interest, as well as having the ability to reduce glare to the maximum.

The use of glass is more widely used on the interior of the building, which is to partitions, walls, furniture and glass doors on the bathrooms.



Sell & Install all types and sizes Glass, Canopy, Cubicle Toilet, Shower Screen, Partition & Frameless Glass Door, Curtain Wall, Frame, Door & Window Aluminum, etc.



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