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Welcome to Indah Kaca. We are a company that established since 1980 engaged in industrial ACCESSORIES, GLASS TYPE, GLASS CANOPY, ALUMINIUM WINDOWS GLASS, FRAMELESS GLASS PARTITION , ALUMINUM GLASS DOORS. We were in JI. Pesanggrahan Raya No. 1 Meruya Utara - Kembangan Jakarta Barat. Discover the variety of our best products (SEMUA JENIS DAN UKURAN KACA, PARTISI KUSEN ALUMINUM KACA, PINTU & JENDELA ALUMINIUM KACA, PARTISI KACA DAN PINTU KACA FRAMELESS, ACP & CURTAIN WALL) with quality and the best price you can get.


BEAUTIFUL GLASSWe are a supplier of all types and sizes of Glass, Aluminum Frame, Curtain Wall and Accessories. to have more than 37 years we have worked in some of Furniture and Building property, we can provide quality goods and the best price you can get.Sell ​​GLASS BEAUTIFUL store and install all types of glass, Partitions and Frameless Glass Doors, Curtain Wall, Frame, Door & Window Aluminum, Shower Screen, etc. for building Properties Building, Office, Home, Hotel, Apartment and Other Building.Our store is located at: Address: JI. Pesanggrahan Raya No.1 Meruya Utara - Kembangan West Jakarta Phone: 021-5847819 - 021-58906587 ( Hunting ) Whatsapp : 082227893570 / 087825257819Email: / Website: www.indahkaca.comOPEN: SENAY - SATURDAYS 08.00 - 17.00 WIB CLOSE: Week / National Holidayvision: We are a company that always increase innovation, improve skills and make the company a highly competitive and professional.Mission: Trying to be a competent partner in serving customers, solve difficulties in the problem and provide the best solution, as well as customer satisfaction oriented.Service: We Serve With Commitment, Professional and Support with the motto:fastRightSatisfiedDiscover the variety of needs of building properties you the best of us like:System of frameless glass, Induction glass systems, Pivot glass systems, glass cube System, Curve fitting patch, Foldaside glass systems, door sliding system, the system Railing, Folding system, Glass patch Fatting, glass shower, And Others are as required by Quality goods and the best price.

Kami adalah perusahaan yang selalu meningkatkan inovasi, meningkatkan keahlian dan menjadikan perusahaan yang sangat kompetitif dan profesional.

Berusaha untuk menjadi mitra yang kompeten dalam melayani pelanggan, memecahkan kesulitan dibidang masalah dan memberikan solusi yang terbaik, serta berorientasi pada kepuasan pelanggan.

JI. Pesanggrahan Raya No. 1 Meruya Utara - Kembangan Jakarta Barat Jakarta Barat
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia


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